Our story

Our Research & Development Centre plays a key role in cultivating Innovation and technological leadership in the field of Chromium Chemicals.

We work harmoniously with our R&D team to enhance our commodities which result in better product as well as optimum customer satisfaction. All raw materials and finished goods are tested for their chemical composition in Accordance with I.S. standards.

Pioneers in Metal Finishings

COLOUR CHROMES has been a pioneer in the field of Metal Finishing in India with over 40 years of experience in serving the industry through the supply of the best quality Chromium Chemicals.. Mr. S.P Goenka, Managing Director, leads a team of dynamic, well qualified and experienced senior executives.

With an excellent reputation and a strong track record of customer satisfaction COLOUR CHROMES is one of the leading supply houses for Chromium Chemicals. From large blue chip companies to small job plating shops, COLOUR CHROMES caters to everyone. The company offers a comprehensive range of chemicals to its broad customer base in the Automobile (including four / two wheelers and bicycles), Engineering, Defence, Aerospace, Telecommunication, Electronics & Computers, refractories amongst others. Superior quality, economy and trouble-free performance have ensured the company’s products have met with the approval of a large number of customers.

COLOUR CHROMES has two manufacturing facilities in Uttar Pradesh, India, where products are manufactured under the supervision of highly qualified, trained and competent team. All raw materials are tested prior to usage and the finished products prior to dispatch for performance as per strict norms established. The company’s laboratories are well equipped to adapt to the needs of the industry and to sustain a competitive edge in the market and meet the environmental concerns. Improvements in product quality are always in line with the latest technological innovations that take place the world over. Necessary infrastructure is in place for achieving exponential growth in the years to come.

With the rapid internationalisation of the Indian industry new challenges will emerge, to meet which COLOUR CHROMES will continue to experiment with new ideas and explore possibilities to supply innovative products and to widen it’s product base for achieving it’s goal of “Total Customer Satisfaction”.


Our Vision

Is to have a flawless manufacturing facility and provide a smooth experience to our customers from order placement up till deliveries just the way our Chrome performs.