Research & Development

The research and development centre at Colour Chromes Pvt. Ltd. is playing a key role in maintaining its technological leadership in the field of chromium chemicals and has helped the company to develop a product equivalent to international standards.

It is manned by a team of highly qualified and experienced technocrats who gather relevant information from our well equipped library having various journals, periodicals and reference material.

At Colour Chromes Pvt. Ltd. quality is of utmost importance. All raw materials and finished goods are tested for these chemicals compositions in accordance with I.S. standards. Batch samples and log records are maintained for future reference. Periodically samples are also sent to Government & private labs for analysis.

Environment Safety


High level of protection to the health and safety of employees, factory workers and neighbours.


With modern technology the environment is unaffected by the operation of our plants.


Ours is a green plant with teak plantation in its vicinity and a very green environment.