Potassium Dichromate

Potassium dichromate is available in small orange colored, free-flowing crystals. It is non-hygroscopic, and unlike sodium dichromate dissolves sparingly in water to give a saturated solution of 14% only at 250C.

Its special uses are in the manufacture of safety matches, pyrotechnics and explosives. Other uses are in printing inks, synthetic perfumery, glues and adhesives, process engraving and lithography, photography and film processing and as an analytical reagent in Laboratories.


Handle all solutions of dichromate with gloves on. If it comes in contact with any cuts or Bruises on the skin, immediate washing of the affected part with a 5% solution of sodium bi-sulphate and then with water is recommended, to prevent the formation of chrome sores.


50 kg. Polythene lined jute bags

It is non-caking and if stored in a cool, dry place away from heat, shelf life is indefinite. Being a powerful oxidizing agent, it should not be stored along with inflammable organic Chemicals.


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